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How the moon’s phases might be tugging at our lives

Alright, everyone, pull up a chair. It’s time to chat about our lunar pal in the sky and its supposed sway over us Earthlings.

New moon shenanigans

This cheeky little phase is basically the moon playing hide and seek with us. It’s up there, but you can’t see it. Sneaky, right? Ancient folks saw this as a cosmic sign to huddle up and set goals.

Fast forward to today, and it’s more like an excuse to avoid that blind date and instead stay in with a pizza.

Waxing crescent: the hipster beard of the moon

This is when we get a sliver of moonlight, like a celestial teaser. Apparently, this is when our dreams start taking shape. So if you’ve been dreaming about learning the bass guitar, now’s the time. 

Just don’t start jamming to your neighbours at midnight – not everyone appreciates a lunar-inspired concert.

First quarter: the cosmic nudge

The moon’s showing off half its face here, kind of like a cosmic Two-Face. 

It’s supposed to be all about action. You know, the universe nudging you to actually start doing the things you said you would. 

Like cleaning the garage. Or finally starting that novel about a detective cat.

Waxing gibbous: almost party time

It’s when the moon is almost at full party mode but not quite. It’s like that moment you’re all dressed up, ready to go out, but your friend is still trying on their fourth outfit. 

This phase is about tweaking and refining your plans. So, rethink that detective cat’s backstory.

Full moon: the big kahuna

This is when things supposedly get a bit loony. It’s been blamed for everything from sleepwalking to your dog howling at the sky. 

Full moon nights are for lovers, dreamers, and occasionally, werewolves. 

It’s a time for celebration, dancing, and maybe, just maybe, sending that risky text.

Waning gibbous: the party’s over

Time to reflect on your life choices, like why you thought eating an entire tub of ice cream at 3am was a good idea.

It’s the universe’s way of saying “Maybe don’t do that again.”

Last quarter: the cosmic Wednesday

It’s about releasing things. That could mean decluttering your house, or maybe letting go of that grudge against Gary for eating your sandwich at work. 

Let it go, the moon says so.

Waning crescent: the chill-out zone

This is the chill-out zone. The universe is basically giving you permission to be a couch potato. It’s the celestial equivalent of a lazy Sunday morning. 

Embrace it. Binge-watch that show everyone’s been talking about. The moon won’t judge.

So, there you have it. A cheeky trip through the lunar cycle. 

Now, whether you believe the moon has any real pull on our lives or not, it’s a bit of fun, isn’t it And in this sometimes too serious world, a little bit of lunar lunacy might be just what we need.