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Embrace life with VS LIFE

VS LIFE, conceived by its founder Tyler Slade, embodies his profound desire to aid individuals in navigating the complexities of life, encouraging them to not only endure but to flourish and prosper. 

Tyler’s journey began nearly eight years ago, at a point where he found himself contemplating the gravest of decisions—taking his own life. This moment of despair became a pivotal cry for help and led to an epiphany: the realisation that salvation ultimately lies within oneself. 

This insight, however, did not diminish the value of the external support and guidance he received, which Tyler embraced wholeheartedly, first by showing vulnerability and then by actively seeking change.

Over the last six years, Tyler has acquired a wealth of knowledge, qualifications, and training, assisting thousands of clients eager to transform their lifestyles. 

In his role with Public Health England, Tyler acts as a facilitator, offering help, support, and guidance to those on a quest for a healthier and happier life.

His areas of expertise span:

  • Physical activity
  • Weight management
  • Cessation of harmful habits such as smoking
  • Stress management
  • Mindset enhancement

In addition to his professional role, Tyler has embarked on a new venture with VS LIFE, a project fuelled by his unwavering commitment to enhancing human well-being. 

Tyler staunchly believes in the synergy of mental, physical, and emotional fitness, viewing this balance as crucial not only for personal health and well-being but also for being present and supportive of loved ones. 

VS LIFE aims to provide a comprehensive approach to fitness that is inclusive of all backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. This is done by integrating elements like:

  • Contrast therapy – which includes cold water exposure and sauna use
  • Cardiovascular and strength training
  • Mobility exercises
  • Breathwork
  • Opportunities for connection and conversation. 

These sessions foster a unique environment and sense of community, celebrating the collective effort towards improving health and well-being.

Further illustrating the diverse offerings of VS LIFE:

AM Accountability Club

The AM Accountability Club offers a holistic fitness experience at dawn. It allows participants to engage their bodies, connect with the environment and others, and embrace the day with a sense of accomplishment. Distinct from traditional gym sessions, this immersive and unpredictable setting encourages participants to let go of their ego and fully engage in the moment.

The Power Hour 

The Power Hour provides an alternative way to rejuvenate during the lunch break. It focuses on bodily awareness, sensory engagement, and connection with nature and like-minded individuals. The session concludes with a healthy lunch around a firepit on the beach, fostering community.

Sea + Sauna

Sea + Sauna sessions offer a unique blend of challenge and tranquillity, encouraging participants to expand their comfort zones through engagement with nature and focused personal reflection.


1:1 sessions offer a confidential space for individuals to be heard and supported without judgment, providing opportunities for reflection, understanding personal values, and fostering change in a supportive environment.

Through these diverse offerings, Tyler Slade’s VS LIFE is a testament to his commitment to facilitating a journey of personal growth and well-being for all.

Get started with VS LIFE today.