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About Tryb

Tyrb is the product of personal experience and necessity. It has been formed naturally and organically over time by two friends and colleagues who began to open up to one another about how they were seeing life. Especially as dedicated fathers.

Paul and Steve worked together in a number of tech start up companies operating out of the city of Brighton, UK. Both with complementing skills, they brought growth and success to a wide mix of companies and still do today.

There was something more to the conversation.

In search of some better answers to the problems we live with today, Steve was instrumental in educating Paul on many of the journeys they still enjoy today.

From South American and ancestral ceremonies to a deep connection to nature, both brought experiences that pointed to a more grounded and conscious existence.

Our mission is simple: We want to help positively inflect the lives of 100 million people around the world. To help people discover a new path, find new modalities, become more self-aware, open up more emotionally, and become more conscious humans doing good for themselves (1st) and the planet.

Exactly how we are going to do this is not 100% clear yet. But the first step is to build a community of likeminds.

Here is our current thinking and PLAN A: Over time we plan to build a marketplace that becomes a trusted place for people to explore a mix of wellbeing experiences from running, cycling, walking groups to breathwork, micro-dosing and psychedelics.

Frustrated by the noise and BS spewed every day in the news, whether in print, TV or online, the two shared a passion and belief that there was more to life than the traditional systems had been telling us.

And so Tryb was born.

Paul Doran | Tryb

Paul Doran

Up to the age of around 30 I was nothing more than an ex-raver, a party boy, a materialist, an egotist and a hedonist.

Since then I’ve explored far and wide for some greater meaning and purpose in life becoming, along the way, a psychonaut, a pulmonaut, a biohacker, a yogi, a meditator, a runner – yes, I’ve tried them.

Favourite music:
Too many, depending on the setting: piano to deep house

Favourite place:
Around a dinner table with my family or up a mountain or in the sea

Steve Linney | Tryb

Steve Linney

As a meditator for over 30 years, I’ve got a passion for altered states of consciousness, psychology and mysticism.

A large part of that altered state journey has been through music and DJ’ing, which I’ve been doing for 25 years – from small parties to full-on raves throughout Europe and a chill-out tent at Glastonbury.

Favourite song:
I feel love by Donna Summer

Favourite movie:
Almost famous

Favourite place:
Glastonbury Festival